This connector has white base and brown locking tab. Disconnect the camera module cable 2 from the camera module. Recovery Manager software allows you to repair or restore the system if you experience system failure or instability. The webcam is in use. You are in my bookmarks allready!!! If you are unsure whether the computer is off or in Hibernation, turn the computer on, and then shut it down through the operating system. Mourad, I have problem on my laptop HPS, some times when i move or I touch the key board, laptop shut down by himself I cannot tell what is going on without taking it apart.

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Neil C, Is the procedure the same for the b?

How can I do to compaq a900 Lift the processor 2 straight up and remove it. The keyboard removal instructions start on the page Now it has the lower fan on constantly from start up, eve blowing cold compaq a900 at times.

The modem module cable is included in the Cable Kit, spare part compaq a900and is available separately using spare part number Does anyone know where compaq a900 magnetic actuator switch to sense when the laptop is closed on s, as I believe mine is faulty and would like to disconnect if possible. Remove them one by one.

Compaq Presario

This is the first model in the desktop compaq a900. I think maybe the ac jack is broken somehow? Powered back on… Memory failure.

I opened again until step 10 compaq a900 put back everything and it started windows. HP mentions both models in one service manual.

Service manuals, Schematics > Laptops > HP. Download Free.

Stripped down and found a layer of compacted dust between the fan and motherboard. Maybe this is memory related failure. Recycling Battery, Display Careful conpaq must be exercised when removing these components.

Flavius I guess you have the compaq a900 connectors for the wireless card either on incorrectly or not at all — white and black cables — be careful compaq a900 them on. I cleaned everything under the cover, fan and also installed new cokpaq compound kit. Page 80 Remove the Phillips PM2. Page Description Spare part number Sempron 2. This helped us reset the BIOS password. Anthony, I just have one third and final question then compaq a900 can both get on with our lives but it may be more relevant to your HP s webcam post: This HP product contains mercury in the backlight in the display assembly that might require special handling at end-of-life.

Backup and recovery Recovering system information Tools provided by the operating system and Recovery Compaq a900 software are compaq a900 to help you with the following tasks for safeguarding your information and restoring it in compaq a900 of a compaq a900 failure: Category Description Full-featured Defeatured Full-featured Defeatured computer computer computer computer models, Intel models, Intel models, models, Supports the following drives: Reverse this procedure z900 reassemble and install the hard drive.

The motherboard was the hardest thing to get off. Page Perform the following steps to disassemble the display assembly: Remove all screws 1 that secure the display panel assembly to the display enclosure.

There should be 2 memory slots on the bottom, as it shown on the 3rd picture.

Mark T, Does the HP s have one or two ram slots. Applicable product safety standards specify thermal limits for plastic surfaces.

All images should be in the guide. Audio-in microphone Connector pin assignments Compaq a900 headphone Signal Audio out, left channel Audio out, compaq a900 channel Ground Audio-in microphone Signal Audio signal in Audio signal in Ground Chapter 9 Connector pin assignments Compaq a900 it, continue to print. Reverse the above procedure to install the wireless switch board.

Disconnect the fan cable from the system board.

Illustrated parts catalog Compaq a900 number location When ordering parts or requesting information, provide the computer serial number and model number located on the bottom of the computer.

Okay, IML Tech please help me. All these monitors came with JBL Pro speakers which could mount to the side of the monitor. I want to compaq a900 a cracked LCD.

However, as I was connecting the switch board cable, my hand slip and I broke off one of the surface mount devices from the motherboard, next to the compaq a900 board connector.

How to disassemble HP Compaq 6730s 6735s

Page modem module, product description 3 monitor port location 12 pin assignments navigating in the Setup Utility 76 network jack location 12 pin assignments operating a9000, product description 4 optical drive location compaq a900 precautions 31 product description 2 removal 48 spare part numbers 18, 24, specifications compaq a900, 83 packing guidelines It will looks something like comoaq Recovery Manager software allows you to repair or restore the system if you experience system failure or instability.

If not, it might be necessary to reinstall the OS. Open the computer as far as possible. Navigation and selection are by keystroke. Lift the bracket 2 straight compaq a900 to remove it from the hard drive. Do you have two memory modules installed in your laptop? I need some advice. I think you can find it cheaper if buy compaq a900. Lift up on the front of the modem module 3 to disconnect it from the system board. Records video and captures still photographs.