Thanx in advance Alessandro. My keyboard is nonfunctional after spoiling some water across it: Take a closer look at the laptop screen after it fades away. Jim Boyd September 27, It doesnt even boot up or make noises, like it is completely dead. Do I need to remove keyboeard?? Even a guide to replacing the keyboard would be a help, as that would get me into the case.

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They suggested the computer would need repair in addition to cleaning, as soon as I mentioned red ants.

Garfield Sony vaio pcg 7134m 6, One thing very special, If I open the lid lower or equal 90 degree, It just flash in milisecond and then turns dark. I am sure that when dismantling the laptop, you have accidentally removed the tape sticked on the IB inverter board.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

It will not turn on, with or without the power cable. I need a service sony vaio pcg 7134m. Spny you to www. Could be memory failure. I was also thinking about taking the fan and heatsink sony vaio pcg 7134m and putting sonh or even two thin copper or aluminum squares with thermal grease between the ATI chip sonyy the heatsink. Edson July 20, Has anyone tried this? You can get to the boot menu if you press F8 on startup. I also need the part for the power plug. Alejandro September 3, However you might not be able to find xp drivers for the motherboard devices ie.

Roseman July 29, Natasha March 23, I have to disassemble it. Meghan March 15, Santoso Ibrahim November 27, It heatsburnsand the fan makes a lot of noise for about a year.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Tomas February 14, I have a Toshiba centrino laptop, it had been serving me 2 for 734m but now it has a problem with its LCD sony vaio pcg 7134m. And yes, you can pay the postage. More I opted for Norton first edition pftttttttt it starts at any time in the background and pump the ram while aggravating overheating.

Do they use sony vaio pcg 7134m same hardware connectors and interface? Hello again, Also I want add that my laptop is 4 years old. Can some one tell me where to buy sony power supply or where to down load diagram of sony vgn cr???

If you avio, try reseating the video cable sony vaio pcg 7134m the back of the screen first. Here is my humble testimony. Tony December 26, Priyanka January 18, Really need to swap a HDD out. George April 6, May August 20, Marque Blundell November 5, Just thinking my comment might help someone.

Take a look at the screen bezel and somewhere in the lower left or right corner find the laptop model number. I checked with a service center close to my place but they skny to be more focused on how much they can fleece me.

Could be memory related problem. The power indicator light remains green. Sony vaio pcg 7134m September 18, Kiwipeekay January 14, Thank you so much for posting those links, my FE21s has something wrong baio its Wifi switch so no bluetooth or wifi unless i keep my finger pressed against the switch!

That is beyond my affordability. But the computer can start.